Rosewood is the rarest, finest wood of all. We carefully source the best species of rosewood available anywhere, allowing us to lend each piece a certain character that exudes boldness, strength, and unparalleled elegance. 

It belongs to the genus, Dalbergia Sissoo genus, which stands for qualities such as power and longevity. This genus of rosewood is akin to the Brazilian kind, and both these types are way better than the one from India, basically because of the number of pores in it. 

Rosewood incorporates the most stunning heartwood, covering shades of golden orange to greenish-black. Heartwood can be found intermingled among shadier layers in either an interlocked or straight pattern, depicting a stunning ribbon. It is also characterized by the magnificent heartwood, varying in hue from golden, orange, red and deep brown to green and black. The heartwood is interspersed with darker streaks in a straight or sometimes a narrow interlocked pattern, giving off an almost ribbon-like appearance.

In contrast to other woods, rosewood has resistance when it comes to root diseases. In fact, this immunity slows down decay and termite attacks. This means that it does not need any preservative treatment. In this way, consumers get to enjoy their antique rosewood furniture.

Every Black Rosewood timber possesses unique markings, making it different from every other item of rosewood furniture. Besides these qualities, the original rosewood is valued for its rarity as well. At Boston Mills, we manufacture our furniture that’s made up of the highest quality of rosewood.


We carefully consider the ageing process of rosewood with the assistance of our master craftsman to make the rosewood ready for the sculpting process. The process of sculpting the rosewood is in itself a work of art. This step-by- step process is performed by a handful of few master craftsmen to beautifully sculpt each piece of furniture by hand. The entire process takes an average of two to three months, artisans’ keen eye for meticulous details allow us to craft a timeless and stunning piece and indulging you in the depths of history and art.

We give great emphasis on meticulous details such that we ensure to separate any batch of rosewood on the basis of their colors, pattern and the typical figure. Before building the rosewood furniture, any batch of rosewood is separated into groups wherein the predominant colours are common and the typical figure is similar. Our experts spend an extensive amount of time arranging pieces to create harmony in every product.  


  • Rosewood is a very heavy hardwood, meaning it is one of the few types of wood that sinks in water.

  • Rosewood grows at an incredibly slow pace; it takes a tree 300 years to produce a piece of wood five inches thick.

  • Rosewood comes in rich, colorful shades with finely grained patterns.