Our rosewood belongs to the original Dalbergia Sissoo genus and comes from Pakistan natively known as Black Rosewood. It is highly revered, owing to its strength, durability and ornamental value. Our rosewood has less than half the number of pores found in Indian Rosewood and is considered equivalent to Brazilian rosewood.

It is also characterized by the magnificent heartwood, varying in hue from golden, orange, red and deep brown to green and black. The heartwood is interspersed with darker streaks in a straight or sometimes a narrow interlocked pattern, giving off an almost ribbon-like appearance. Moreover, it is very durable, with a strong natural resistance to decay, dry-wood termites and bore. Unlike other varieties, it does not require preservative treatment. 

As a natural material each piece of Black Rosewood timber has individual markings and characteristics resulting in every item of furniture being totally unique. Black Rosewood  is not only valued for these qualities, but also for its rarity. Our rosewood is 100 % genuine rosewood. Given the commercial value of rosewoods, many vendors attach the name ‘Rosewood’ to woods that are NOT actually Dalbergia species. 



On certain pieces, before the rosewood furniture can be made, any batch of rosewood must be separated into groups wherein the predominant colors are common and the typical figure is similar. Once grouped by predominant color, many weeks are spent arranging pieces of rosewood such that the figure flows harmoniously from one piece of wood to the next adjacent piece. The ultimate objective is for a table or chair to appear to be made up of a single piece of wood. The final piece of furniture in not only well crafted but also artistically arranged.



  • Rosewood is a very heavy hardwood, meaning it is one of the few types of wood that sinks in water.

  • Rosewood grows at an incredibly slow pace; it takes a tree 300 years to produce a piece of wood five inches thick.

  • Rosewood comes in rich, colorful shades with finely grained patterns.

  • Rosewood is difficult to scratch, meaning it is fairly resilient and suitable for most areas of the home.