An imposing French Renaissance style sideboard profusely carved with mythical creatures.  The sideboard is in two separate pieces. The lower half comprises two drawers decorated with acanthus leaves and a double door cabinet adorned with elaborate foliate carving. The cabinets are divided by a narrow barley twist column and flanked by intricately carved lion masks on each side.

The top piece comprises an open tier supported on island pedestals exquisitely carved with dragons, the frieze of the tier carved with a guilloche pattern. The crown is adorned with the foliate dragons and the ‘Green Man’ mask, primarily interpreted as an old world symbol of rebirth and growth in spring. Incorporating the Green Man into carvings was deemed, on the part of the carver, as an act of faith for the fertility of the soil and plentiful harvests. 

The wood used in the creation of this piece came from a tree that was more than 300 years old. Handmade and hand finished in solid Rosewood, this piece highlights the use of finest materials, exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. 559 hours involved in the making and 320 man hours involved in the finishing of this piece. 


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