Centuries Old Craftsmanship

Our dedicated craftsmen employ time-honored cabinetmaking techniques, using old world manufacturing as a standard. Over the centuries, this woodworking knowledge has been passed from father to son, from master craftsman to apprentice ensuring product durability and strength as well as authentic style and utmost perfection.
Hand crafting and hand-finishing are the essential characteristics of our furniture. Each product goes through various stages of manufacturing from sanding and contouring to planing; all performed by hand. Certain individual items require as much as 700 man hours in the production process.


Relief Carving - delivering more than just detail

Our pieces are mostly relief carved by master carver to the highest level of precision. – a carving technique as old as antiquity. It is considered precious because of its versatility as a medium of artistic expression. A master carver is known by strokes of his hand chisels.